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Therapy Rooms for Rent

Welcome to our psychology/ therapy rooms at Ballow Chambers in Brisbane. 

Ballow Chambers is a heritage listed three-story historic building on Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill. It was purpose built between 1924 and 1926 and currently occupied by a diverse range of professionals. It has a quiet ambiance and a sustained 1920s look that has made it very popular for therapists, psychologists, and others similar health professionals.

Features and Amenities

We have a newly renovated and elegantly furnished four-room suite discreetly located at the rear of the building. The rooms are purpose-built for psychologists, psychotherapists and other health practitioners. We have designed the rooms to provide a serene and professional environment with excellent soundproofing, comfortable furniture, adjustable lighting, and all rooms have beautiful and large windows. There are two kitchenettes, two separate waiting areas, air-conditioning, and high speed WiFi.


Location and Accessibility

Located in the heart of Brisbane, our therapy rooms are easily accessible via public transport and have access to ample street parking and a multi-storey car park right across our building.

Pricing and Availability

We currently have one room available from Monday to Saturday and another room on a part-time basis. 

We offer both flexible rates for those clinicians who are just starting up and who want to build their private practice as well as daily/weekly rates for those clinicians who have an established practice and who are relocating.


We offer competitive/ affordable prices and a collegial atmosphere. If you would like more information, or simply if you would like to take a look, please contact me. 

Waiting Room
Consulting Room
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