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Psychological Therapy

I am trained in both brief and long-term therapies. I mainly practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy, however, I have also been trained in mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural, and applied behavioural approaches. I provide such time-limited and symptom-focused integrative treatment for people who wish to get a better control of their symptoms and whose visits are covered solely by Medicare. I provide long-term and insight-oriented psychoanalytic psychotherapy for individuals who want to achieve a deeper self-understanding. Typically psychoanalytic therapy is a long-term and open-ended treatment.
Why Psychoanalytic Therapy: People’s experiences and understanding of their adult life relationships are shaped by their infancy and early family environment. Early life experiences and models of relationships contribute, at least in part, to different emotional and relational concerns people experience later in life. My approach tailors treatment to each patient, helps them develop a deeper understanding of their relational patterns, and assists them in changing those patterns.

Areas of Interest

I provide treatment for adults suffering from a range of emotional difficulties:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Postnatal anxiety and depression

  • Adjustment to parenthood and other pregnancy and/or attachment difficulties

  • Self-esteem difficulties

  • Interpersonal and relationship problems

  • Complex trauma and PTSD

  • Personality Disorders

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